Tradeweld MIG Inverter Welder, 250 Amp - EWM0126-I


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SKU: EWM0126-I

EWM0126-I - MIG 250

Manufactured to the Highest Standards Using Cutting Edge Mosfet Technology
Internal 2 Wheel Wire feed System
DC Current Output
Stepless Voltage Control
Excellent Welding Characteristics
Light Weight and Portable
Less Power Consumption
Robust Construction
Ideal for Light Duty Aluminium Welding with a Spool Gun and Fabrication Work
Can Carry a Gas Bottle
Flow Meter not included
Mig 25 Torch and Earth Cable Included
Semi-Industrial Use

Output: 250 Amp AC/DC @ 60 % Duty Cycle
Input: 220 Volts / 51.6 Amps
Wire Size: 0.8 – 1.0mm Solid (15kg)
MIG Weld up to 10.0mm

Warranty: 1 Year