Ryobi High Pressure Washer 120 BAR, 1700W - AJP-1600


R 2,049.00 
(Incl VAT)
SKU: AJP-1280


Designed to clean vehicles, machines, buildings, facades, etc. in the private sector
The spray handle features a locking device. When the lock is activated, the spray handle cannot be operated
Pump encased in shock absorbing housing
The motor is equipped with a circuit breaker switch to prevent the motor from overheating
Uses up to 80% less water than a garden hose to clean fast and efficiently
The motor is equipped with a motor circuit breaker switch
Operating temperature varies from 0 ̊-60 ̊C
Detergent bottle and turbo nozzle included

Input power: 1,700 watts
Rated pressure: 120 Bar
Rated flow: 6.67 litres/min
Suction height: 1m
Rated temperature: 0 ̊-60 ̊C
Nett weight: 8.00kg

Warranty: 2 Years