Makita Cordless Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 18V - DRC200Z


R 17,429.80 


Li-Ion ROBOTIC CLEANER / Automatic cleaning / Random mode cleaning / Pattern mode cleaning / 0.3m/sec Max running speed / Battery and charger not included..

Four IR Cliff Sensors are located on the front left and right, and the rear left and right to prevent the cleaner from falling down steps or stairs

Automatic Cleaning thanks to many sensors with selectable two running modes:

Random Mode Cleaning / Pattern Mode Cleaning

On-Timer allows for automatic cleaning at night in a deserted office, warehouse, etc

Powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries in parallel; Able to run with a single battery thanks to parallel battery connection

Buzzer and Blinking Light make nearby workers to be alert of the location of the cleaner while running; the buzzer can be muted

Included accessories: Wireless remote controller (including two AAA alkaline batteries), Side Brush, Boundary Tape