Elba Electric Braai Hob, 30cm - 02/EE30-700X


R 3,749.00 
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SKU: 02/EE30-700X


Elba is a world leader in gas and electric stove tops, dominos and ovens. Their design and functionality focuses on minimalism with a modern and sophisticated feel, and each product is efficient, safe, powerful and easy to use.

Stainless steel housing
Installs into your countertop flush with the surface
Can be placed alongside other domino hobs
Tilted electric element
Tray with pumice stones
Front controls for easy access
Includes safety thermostat
Indicator light
Requires installation

Cut Out Dimensions (WxDxH) 270 x 150 x 490 mm
Dimensions: (WxD) 510 x 288 x 70 mm

Warranty: 2 Years